Frequently asked questions


1. Do I need to mix the solution?
No, EfferCept is an effervescent tablet, meaning that it dissolves on its own. No mixing or stirring required! 


2. How long do tablets remain stable once I add water?
EfferCept tablets offer 7-10 day shelf life and the tablets themselves are good for up to three years in tablet form. 


3. How long do I have to wait for tablets to dissolve in water?
EfferCept tablets dissolve within 5-7 minutes. The warmer the water, the faster they dissolve. 


4. What type of water do I use with tablets?
Any potable water (hard, soft, hot, or cold) is great for EfferCept teat dip tablets.


5. Does this product cause chapping of the teats like other products containing chlorine or iodine?
Dr. Register, DVM - “Everyone knows that sodium hypochlorites (bleach) or iodine are extremely harsh on the milker’s hands and likewise on the cow’s teat. Their manufacturers must put emollients in the products to minimize the chapping and drying caused by their caustic ingredients (high pH ranges of 9.5 to 12.0). EfferCept has a pH of 6.4 which is nearly the same as pure water (pH 7). As a result, EfferCept does not cause chapping or cracking of the teats or of the milker’s hands! One of the first observations made by milkers during the development and market trial period was, “For the first time my hands don’t have any cracks on them!” Amazing results after using EfferCept for less than two weeks.

Because EfferCept is non-irritating, it actually conditions the teat and the teat ends. A soft teat end allows the sphincter to close tightly, which keeps the mastitis causing bacteria from entering the teat canal. If the teat ends are healthy, there is no need to apply a barrier dip. One additional benefit of this non-irritating feature of EfferCept, is that it makes an excellent bactericide to apply as an aid in healing cuts or braised teats and udders, without stinging or burning the sensitive wound are.”

EfferCept SG is Enriched with SoftGuard “SG” conditioner, EfferCept SG penetrates to help protect and soften teats, skin, and udders.


6. How does the killing power of this product compare to the iodine dips and sprays on the market?
Dr. Register, DVM - “EfferCept has almost twice the killing power of 1% iodine. Until EfferCept was available, I felt that 1% iodine was the best dip. Iodine’s big drawback is its irritation characteristic, even when 10% glycerine is added. Weaker solutions of iodine (.5%, .025%, etc) simply are not strong enough to give good kill, especially on the Staphs. Recent studies have shown the weaker iodines to have a logarithmic reduction of around 1.1 on Staph. The minimum log reduction to achieve good control is 3.0 or greater. EfferCept has been tested to exceed a log reduction of 5.0 against Staph.”


7. Does EfferCept work in dirty conditions such as blood, milk, or manure?
Dr. Register, DVM “Probably the most important characteristic of any teat dip or spray is its performance under these types of though and dirty environmental conditions. A bactericide such as sodium hypochlorite (bleach), may work reasonably well under ‘clean’ conditions, but when organic matter like blood, milk, or manure is introduced onto the surface of the teat, this commonly used product is virtually neutralized in a matter of seconds.”

“EfferCept utilizes NaDCC (Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate) as its active ingredient. NaDCC is a large molecule, which dispenses a continual supply of powerful, hypochlorous acid. When EfferCept is placed in water, an initial amount of hypochlorous is released from the NaDCC molecule to reach a state of equilibrium within the solution. As this initial hypochlorous is ‘used up’ in killing bacteria, more hypochlorous is released by NaDCC loleculre in order to maintain equilibrium in solution. It is the constant availability of hypochlorous acid in EfferCept that provides the killing power against many harmful organisms, even in the presence of high concentrations of organic matter.”


8. How can I Identify the EfferCept solution in my container after I mix the product?
Mixing jugs are available for purchase to help identify your product. If you want to use your own mixing container, we would be happy to send you a label free of charge. Just send us an email with your address, and we will mail it out to you.


9. What should I do when making the switch from Iodine to EfferCept?
Our recommendation would be to start with new hoses/lines. EfferCept cleans the lines so well that it sometimes removes residue or buildup that has been holding the hoses together. 


10. Where is EfferCept Manufactured?
EfferCept is proudly formulated and manufactured in the U.S.A., in the state of Wisconsin. All components used in EfferCept are produced in the United States and are in compliance with all appropriate regulatory age


Note: Dr. Jack Register, DVM, is a veterinarian located in Menomonie, WI, specializing in dairy cattle mastitis.